Foursquare ITP led a multi-jurisdictional TDP process focusing on the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County, and surrounding communities. Three TDPs were developed for CAT, JAUNT, and Greene County Transit to provide a framework for service delivery and improvements that incorporate existing capital and operating revenue constraints, while also identifying unmet or unfunded needs and a mid- and long-term visions for transit in the region.

Each TDP included an overview of existing transit services, a review of previously established goals and objectives, and an analysis of the current market for transit service in the region.

Foursquare ITP staff developed service improvement recommendations and phasing plans informed by a three-variable financial model. In addition, the TDPs included robust outreach efforts focused on engaging key stakeholders, members of the public, and front-line staff such as drivers and dispatchers.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed service recommendations to simplify and streamline service.
  • Highlighted market opportunities for service expansion.
  • Recommended a unified transit planning and mobile ticketing tool for all regional services.
  • Developed enhanced bus/ BRT service recommendations for the high-ridership US-29 corridor.
  • Recommended app-based microtransit service to improve demand-response services.