As part of the state Technical Assistance Program, the MWCOG Transportation Planning Board (TPB), in coordination with WMATA, commissioned a study to research, identify, and develop strategies to improve observance with and enforcement of bus lanes in MWCOG jurisdictions. Foursquare ITP performed a comprehensive international literature review to unearth best practices in a wide variety of areas related to bus lane implementation with a focus on education, enforcement, and legislation. We gathered information on enforcement strategies of other transit agencies and jurisdictions, legal restrictions on camera enforcement strategies in MWCOG jurisdictions, and comprehensive educational strategies for drivers, pedestrians, and law enforcement agencies. In addition to the literature review, we wrote technical memorandum on education and legislation based on the research and participated in local agency interviews.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Performed a comprehensive review on best practices related to bus lane implementation.
  • Authored a technical memorandum on education and registration based on the research.