Foursquare ITP is responsible for developing the 2019, 2020, and 2021 Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL)’s Annual Report and Audit, which covers federally funded transit operators in the 13-county ATL region. When the ATL was establish in 2018, it was charged by the Georgia state legislature with developing an annual report covering transit operations across nearly a dozen operators in the Atlanta region, which had never been done before. We developed a systematic process to identify datasets to be collected to enable calculation of key performance indicators and reconciled a variety of nuances in different agencies’ data collection and analysis methods.

Foursquare ITP has developed the ATL’s ARA since 2019. The ARA addresses system performance, operational performance, financial structure, service provision, maintenance and state of good repair, safety, and planning activities during the fiscal year covered by the Annual Report and Audit, as well as for the previous four years, in order to show trends over time. The Annual Report and Audit includes information about individual service providers in the ATL region as well as transit system performance information aggregated to the regional level. The report focuses on the quality of service, operational efficiency, and financial soundness. The ATL ARA has been positively received across the region, serving as the authoritative source of information about transit performance across 13 counties.

The Annual Report and Audit not only provides information regarding transit performance in the region but also includes benchmarking against peer regions and identification of potential strategies and investments to enhance transit system performance. The most recent Annual Report and Audit is available.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Processed effective data collection, QA/QC, processing, and analysis.
  • Developed intuitive infographics and a graphically rich report.
  • Conducted effective stakeholder engagement to identify key priorities and messages about the importance of transit to the region.