Foursquare ITP collaboratively developed a new vision and strategy for improving transit in the Hampton Roads region through a redesign of the bus network around a frequent regional network that generated political will for dedicated funding. Lacking overall support for transit funding in the region, Foursquare ITP was hired to develop a regional vision and support for improved transit by working closely with a myriad of stakeholders throughout the six-city region to address declining transit ridership, increase access to employment opportunities, and ensure that the region remains economically competitive.

From a regional kickoff to obtain input and engender excitement about the project through detailed technical analysis and stakeholder engagement, our team developed three potential transit service scenarios—based on addressing trade-offs within a constrained budget—and a final detailed service plan for phased implementation. The resulting plan—designed around a 13-route “regional backbone” network of high frequency service supported by feeder service and microtransit zones—was used by HRT to successfully lobby the Virginia General Assembly for $30 million in annual dedicated funding. Foursquare ITP is continuing to support HRT in moving forward with implementation of the first of the regional backbone, or “757 Express,” routes later in 2022.