This technical assistance project focused on how Harrisonburg can improve multi-modal transportation by building new roadway connections between neighborhoods and subdivisions. As a growing city, Harrisonburg saw a need to identify where new roads should go to provide better interconnectivity between neighborhoods, easing the traffic burden on major arterial roads and facilitating walking and bicycling.

Foursquare ITP led a technical analysis to identify where the lack of roadway connections impacts mobility by forcing travelers to make circuitous journeys. Our team reviewed a range of factors, such as travel flows, socio-demographics, environmental constraints, and land ownership to identify and prioritize connections. Based on this information, Foursquare ITP provided the City a list of future roadway and multi-use path links that would improve transportation network connectivity. The final recommendations of this study provided Harrisonburg inputs to its comprehensive plan update and allowed the City to preserve the necessary right-of-way as part of future development.