Foursquare ITP developed and led two eight-hour virtual workshops to inform practitioners about the system redesign process and a wide variety of digital tools that can support a redesign at each stage, from initiation to implementation and beyond. We developed and led digital workshops to inform practitioners, particularly those from small and mid-size agencies, about the bus system redesign process and a wide variety of digital tools that can be used to support a redesign at each stage. To develop the workshop content, Foursquare ITP identified the digital tools that can be used in a system redesign and the relevant phases of a redesign (market analysis, service analysis, public and stakeholder engagement, service planning, implementation, and performance monitoring) for each tool.

Foursquare ITP developed a Tools Handbook as well as content for an interactive workshop that introduced these tools to practitioners through a combination of presentations, live polling, discussions, breakout activities, and hands-on demonstrations of a variety of tools. Following the first workshop, N-CATT decided to hold the workshop a second time (in June 2021) to share the information with additional practitioners. We offered technical assistance to participants following each workshop. In addition, N-CATT asked Foursquare ITP to present a two-part webinar series sharing some of the highlights from the workshops about planning for bus network redesigns and making the most of freely available tools. Following the successful completion of the Digital Tools for System Redesign workshops, N-CATT again contracted Foursquare ITP for virtual, in-person, and on-demand workshops instructing transit practitioners on using GIS for transit planning.