Foursquare ITP is playing a lead role in the development of the Bus Transformation Project, a study that will prepare a strategy and implementation plan for sustainably providing bus service and other mobility tools throughout the Washington, DC region. The effort will address five core challenges: better meet customer expectations and demands; quickly adapt to changing technology and mobility landscape; address cost-structure; clearly define regional agency roles and responsibilities; and refresh the approach to determine who pays for bus service. The study encompasses both WMATA’s Metrobus, the largest bus provider in the region, as well as the many locally provided bus services, ranging from the six route DC Circulator bus system to systems in suburban counties that have upwards of 400 buses in their fleets. The study is wide-ranging and involves looking at various aspects of bus service provision including funding, operations, governance and organization, technology, and connections to other services (such as rail, bike share, and ridesharing). Our team is leading various components of the project, including technical analyses (existing service analysis and market evaluation) and stakeholder and public engagement.