The MD 355 BRT Study, which built on Montgomery County Maryland’s “Get on Board BRT” program, was an alternatives analysis and initial design study for a 22-mile corridor slated for implementation of BRT through. Foursquare ITP was a key team member on this project which encompassed alignment development, station location decisions, design, engineering, environmental review, alternatives evaluation, and public engagement. We led the development of the BRT and local bus feeder service operations planning and cost analysis; led the public and stakeholder engagement; and played an integral role in the strategic evaluation framework and analysis of alternatives.

Foursquare ITP also led the development and implementation of a comprehensive public engagement program for the BRT effort on MD 355. We developed and implemented a comprehensive Public Involvement Plan, including: public open houses, community updates and presentations, community outreach events, focus groups, and meetings with three geographically-based and pre-selected Corridor Advisory Committees. Foursquare ITP led the development and/or provided guidance on all presentation and promotional materials for these meetings and events and developed interactive exercises to gain input from participants. Foursquare ITP staff facilitated the Corridor Advisory Committees, developed the content for key meetings with these groups throughout the life of the project, and served as the point of contact with community members on the project.