The MD 355 BRT Study, which built on Montgomery County Maryland’s “Get on Board BRT” program, was an alternatives analysis and initial design study for a 22-mile corridor slated for implementation of BRT through this densely populated corridor. Foursquare ITP was a key team member on this project which encompassed alignment development, station location decisions, design, engineering, environmental review, alternatives evaluation, and public engagement. We led the development of the BRT and local bus feeder service operations planning and cost analysis; led the public and stakeholder engagement; and played an integral role in the strategic evaluation framework and analysis of alternatives.

Our service operations planning work included detailed analysis of several deviations from the main corridor in terms of ridership potential, travel time differences, operational issues, and safety concerns. We also developed the BRT service plan based on existing and forecasted transit ridership; Foursquare ITP’s transit propensity and flow analysis; and operational considerations such as viable frequency, layover/turnaround locations for different route patterns. We concurrently planned the feeder bus network for access to the BRT service. This will ensure that access to the BRT is accounted for in the demand estimates as well as so that feeder bus and BRT operating plans are coordinated, and to the extent practical and desirable, that BRT service extends beyond the corridor to serve high-demand feeder functions.

In Foursquare ITP’s work on the alternatives analysis, we will be continuing our work on developing the project goals and objectives by evaluating some of the key Measures of Effectiveness (MOEs) that will be used to compare the alternative build options. These MOEs include transit quality and level of service; accessibility to jobs and activity centers; improving transit services for underserved populations; and minimizing operating and maintenance costs of the BRT system.

Foursquare ITP is also leading the development and implementation of a comprehensive public outreach program for the next phase of the Montgomery County BRT effort on MD 355, including: public open houses, community updates and presentations, community outreach events, focus groups, and development and/or guidance on presentation and promotional materials for these meetings and events. Foursquare ITP is also facilitating the Corridor Advisory Committees and developing the content for key meetings throughout the life of the project and serving as the points of contact with community members on all aspects of the MD 355 BRT project.