The Interborough Express Feasibility Study and Alternatives Analysis evaluated the benefits and challenges of building a new transit line along an existing freight rail corridor that runs through some of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City. MTA revived this long-studied corridor in Brooklyn and Queens and identified key needs for the project to address, including improving transit connections to community job centers, supporting economic growth in the local communities, and cost-effectively meeting the needs of the transit and freight systems within the right-of-way. To enable the much-needed project to move beyond the study phase–where it has sat since 1996–Foursquare ITP was brought in to summarize the lengthy technical study into a clear and effective communication tool that summarized the alternatives and expected benefits of building the Interborough Express through a highly graphical report, with renderings and illustrations of the proposed alternatives.

This document was absolutely key to the success of the study; just a few months after its completion, New York’s Governor held a press event about the state of transportation, flanked by monitors showing the renderings developed by Foursquare ITP. She then directed the MTA to begin the environmental review process to identify the best mode of transit for the project.