Foursquare ITP was recently awarded the contract to operate goDCgo, the District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program. Foursquare ITP’s team of subcontractors assisting with the operation of goDCgo are, international transportation consultants Steer Davies Gleave and Clark Concepts, a locally based marketing and design firm. goDCgo provides complementary transit resources and consulting services to employers, multi-family residential building managers, and individual commuters in DC. The program’s goal is to increase the use of sustainable transportation modes including transit, ridesharing, and bikesharing, thereby decreasing traffic congestion, improving air quality, and creating a better quality of life in the DC area. goDCgo also assists employers with implementing telework and alternative work schedules.

Foursquare ITP previously developed DDOT’s forthcoming Strategic Plan to guide the growth of the program over the next six years. We are excited to work with DDOT toward implementing this plan while continuing to provide the top-notch TDM services that define goDCgo. Foursquare ITP’s TDM work has grown significantly in recent years as we have expanded beyond planning for TDM agencies into the support of TDM services for goDCgo and the Department of Defense’s Washington Headquarters Service (WHS).

Leading the goDCgo team for Foursquare ITP is Program Director Danelle Carey. Danelle joined our team from the west coast, where she was the TDM Program Manager for West Contra Costa Transportation Advisory Committee. Her prior experience includes leading a Safe Routes to School program as well as fulfilling a variety of compliance and training roles for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency. Danelle says, “I’m excited to join the goDCgo team, learn more about the District, and apply my experience towards advancing the program. In my work as a TDM professional, I’ve had success creating innovative programs, engaging employers and the community to effect change in commute behavior. I’m delighted to be in Washington DC to lead the goDCgo program!”