Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning (Foursquare ITP) is thrilled to announce that Finn Vigeland, Marissa Cottrell, and Sofie Rhoads have successfully completed their AICP certifications! 

Finn Vigeland is a Transportation Planner who earned his AICP in August 2021. He has been with Foursquare ITP for three years, and in that time he has participated in our ATL Annual Report and Audit, the Interborough Express Feasibility Study, the Central Maryland Regional Transit Plan, and many other projects. 

Marissa Cottrell is a Transportation Planner and earned her AICP this August. She has been with Foursquare ITP for almost three years; notable projects include MTA East-West and North-South Corridor Studies, BaltimoreLink transit service planning, and the JTA System Optimization Initiative, among others. 

Sofie Rhoads is a Task Lead & Senior Transportation Planner and also earned her AICP certification this August. Over the past two and a half years at Foursquare ITP, some of her projects include the DDOT TDM Strategic Plan, Alexandria’s Low-Income Fare Pass Assessment, and the Transit Technology Promising Practices Guidebooks for N-CATT. In addition to being a planner, Sofie is also Foursquare ITP’s Transportation Demand Management Service Area Lead. 

American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) certification is the only nationwide, independent verification of a planner’s qualifications, and earning it is no easy feat. It includes demonstration of years of applicable, qualifying experience, and the ability to communicate that knowledge, as well as preparing for and passing a rigorous test through the American Planning Association. 

AICP certification serves as an indication of quality, ethics, and deep industry knowledge. We already knew Finn, Marissa, and Sofie were top-of-the-line planners, but now the rest of the world does too! 

Congratulations to Finn, Marissa, and Sofie!