In November 2017 Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning, Inc. was selected to lead two Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis Studies on critical and timely challenges in the transit industry.

Andrew Zalewski is the Principal Investigator on the synthesis study On Board Survey Methods and Technologies, which is researching current industry practices on methods and uses of these surveys along with the latest in supplementary “big data” that can be used to better define travel patterns beyond what can be collected in a rider survey. Foursquare ITP’s experience developing survey instruments, fielding surveys, analyzing survey data, and using this data in the transit planning process ensures that the results of the study are helpful not only for the surveying process but for the ultimate users of the data collected. Foursquare ITP is joined by Transport Foundry that brings their experience in working with agencies on the use of big data to inform the planning process and supplement the results of traditional origin-destination surveys.

Lora Byala is the Principal Investigator on the synthesis study Comprehensive Bus Network Redesign, which is focused on why and how transit agencies are conducting complete system restructurings, a program that is being studied and implemented at numerous agencies across the country. Foursquare ITP’s experience developing system redesign plans for several agencies, as well as its work both planning and implementing BaltimoreLink, a complete network redesign for Baltimore, ensures that every element of redesigns – from the service and market analysis, planning, stakeholder engagement, and developing new network structures, to the implementation elements of capital improvements, schedules, and public education are all covered in the study. Foursquare ITP is joined by the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) for their research expertise and redesign experience of their staff.

Foursquare ITP is also assisting TTI in providing a practitioner perspective on the TCRP Synthesis Study they are leading, Managing the Scheduling Workforce, which looks at how agencies are recruiting, training, developing and retaining transit schedulers.

The TCRP Synthesis Study program develops peer-reviewed information that report on the state of the practice based on literature reviews and surveys of recent activities in critical areas. Syntheses also inform transit managers about innovations being used by others to solve problems. The current studies are expected to be published in fall 2018.