Foursquare ITP is excited that our work with the Gwinnett Transportation Department (Gwinnett County, Georgia) is helping the county move forward with their short- and long-range plans for their transit system. Last month, the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the transit development plan (TDP) that Foursquare ITP led the development of.

A suburb of Atlanta, Gwinnett is Georgia’s second-largest county and is experiencing unprecedented population growth. If implemented, this TDP would lead to 100 percent microtransit coverage, add 26 miles of high-capacity transit, 115 miles of rapid service, two direct routes to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and provide 346 miles of fixed routes, among other recommendations such as transfer facilities. Nearly all of the recommendations would be delivered in the first 10 years of the plan if funded. More information about Gwinnett County’s TDP can be found in AP and Mass Transit Magazine, and specific details about the plan can be found on a county press release, including the executive summary.

Foursquare ITP is thrilled to help provide expanded transit to Gwinnett County in partnership with VHB, Infrastrategies, the Profile Group, and The Collaborative Firm.