Congratulations to our client, The District Department of Transportation (DDOT), for winning the 2022 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Excellence Award for Municipality! goDCgo, the District of Columbia’s TDM program, is an initiative of DDOT, operated by Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning, Inc. (Foursquare ITP). 

DDOT received this award at the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT) forum in November 2022. The award honors the District for its use of TDM strategies to deploy, advocate for, and create policies and programs that aim to expand the efficiency and equity of DC’s sustainable transportation systems.  

goDCgo has contributed to DC’s sustainable transportation by directly helping DC employers, hotels, multi-family properties, and schools improve the quality of life for their communities. goDCgo accomplishes this by implementing commuter benefits programs, offering transportation amenities, and promoting the use of sustainable transportation. In FY 2022, goDCgo helped 40,000 people choose a sustainable transportation option when commuting to work and helped to keep 45,000 cars off the road each day. 

Danelle Carey is Foursquare ITP’s TDM Program Director for Foursquare ITP. She accepted the award with DDOT on behalf of the goDCgo program. TDM Service Lead Sofie Rhoads, AICP, a Task Lead and Senior Transportation Planner with Foursquare ITP, also attended the ACT forum.