Thomas’ drive to pursue transportation planning is heavily influenced by his lived experience growing up in the New York City area. He values transit modes beyond their pragmatic functions of getting people from “A” to “B,” and is deeply interested in the societal discourses and patchwork solutions they can foster.

Thomas Petluck (he/they) a junior transportation planner at Foursquare ITP who is passionate about advancing equitable and efficient transportation for all. He has industry-related experience with GIS, Excel, Adobe Creative Suite, and community engagement, as well as in the areas of Transit Service Planning and Micromobility. Before Foursquare ITP, Thomas was a member of The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens Bus Network Redesign teams at MTA New York City Transit. And as a recent college graduate, his coursework involved urban design workshops in Italy and The Bronx, and he also had the opportunity to conduct bike mobility research for the Cornell Cooperative Extension. Thomas is excited to be part of the Foursquare ITP team and looks forward to learning from and working with those he comes across!


BS, Urban and Regional Studies
Cornell University