Sophia is interested in the ways that thoughtful transportation planning can promote equity, accessibility, and resiliency. She enjoys exploring new cities across the world and observing how transportation networks can adapt to support communities and promote urban livability.

Sophia Nelson (she/her) is a transportation planner with a passion for creating more equitable and sustainable communities through innovative mobility solutions. She has experience in GIS, data analysis, and community engagement. While getting her master’s at UNC, she focused her studies on transportation planning and researched equitable fare enforcement policy and alternatives to policing on public transit. Before coming to Foursquare ITP, Sophia also worked with the Northeast Corridor Commission where she conducted research and designed data visualizations to support facilitation of collaborative rail service planning. At Foursquare ITP, she is looking forward to working on a wide range of transportation projects with a diverse and talented team of planners.


Master of City and Regional Planning, Transportation Planning
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

BA, Geography and Urban Planning
University of Washington