Sal is passionate about exploring data to elicit insight that can help inform actionable decisions.

Seyedmostafa (Sal) Zahedi is a senior transportation planner and data scientist with a focus on transit and mobility-on-demand services. During his Ph.D. at Northeastern University, he researched the intersection of the two modes aiming to address the weaknesses of one through the strength of the other. Sal is passionate about seeking solutions for healthy and mutually beneficial co-existence between public transportation and mobility-on-demand through integrative design and operation of these services. His experience includes designing transportation systems using mathematical models, optimization techniques, data analytics, and simulation. Sal uses demographic, travel patterns, and transit operations data to evaluate performance and improve transit systems.


PhD, Transportation Engineering
Northeastern University

MS, Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning
Sharif University of Technology

BS, Civil Engineering
Shiraz University