Priscilla is passionate about educating people about sustainable living practices. Her mission is to cultivate a greener and more sustainable environment by encouraging commuters, residents, and visitors to adopt ecofriendly modes of transportation such as cycling, walking, scooting, carpooling, teleworking, and utilizing public transit.

Priscilla Ranjitkar (she/her) is a TDM Coordinator. She is a passionate advocate for the environment and sustainability. Her journey towards a career in sustainability began during her time as the head intern for The Cheesecake Factory sustainability department, where she worked to improve their food waste diversion program.

Priscilla has had experience in projects such as zero waste management, hydrogen fuel cells, and preservation of old-growth forests. She is familiar with programs such as ARCGIS, LEED, and Energy Star. Priscilla holds an MS in Sustainability Management from American University. Her goal is to create a positive impact with her expertise in sustainability consulting, outreach, and social media managing by advocating, educating, and encouraging the DC school district students and staff to use sustainable transportation options. She is committed to collaborating with private, public, and charter schools to develop tailored transportation programs that encourage sustainable commuting. She strives to provide the necessary resources and guidance to ensure the District schools have robust and sustainable transportation options, ultimately reducing the number of drive-alone trips to DC.


MS, Sustainability Management
American University

BS, Environmental Science, Communication Studies
Randolph College