Nick Mellis

From a young age, Nick was examining transit maps on the floor of his living room to look for the best ways to get from a hypothetical point A to point B. At Foursquare ITP, he helps others to get to the places they live, work, and play.

Nick Mellis (he/him) is a transportation planner at Foursquare ITP. He is interested in how people navigate moving through different built environments and how to improve their experience. Nick strives to create transportation systems that are both equitable and sustainable, benefiting riders and non-riders alike. He works with diverse groups of community members to help improve various modes of mobility.

Before Foursquare ITP, he used a combination of ArcGIS Pro and Adobe Illustrator to conceptualize, design, and distribute several thousand folding map brochures to help college students navigate their new surroundings. Nick’s professional work includes campus planning, historic preservation, economic development, and transportation. In his free time, Nick enjoys exploring different cities and their transportation systems, riding his bike, and going on long walks.


MA, Community Development and Planning
Clark University

BA, Geography
Clark University