Maddy Duval

​​Maddy comes from a background in environmental research, and her work in a lab studying historic bottlenose dolphin activity in the Potomac River around DC and Northern Virginia made her passionate about all the ways in which our natural and built environments are intertwined. ​ 

Maddy Duval (she/her) is a transportation planner with a passion for exploring how transportation systems can help us create sustainable, equitable, and efficient communities for all. Her passion for transportation planning arose from an interest in sustainability in the built environment and a desire to work on projects that impact people’s everyday lives in measurable ways. She works on various projects at Foursquare ITP, including transit forecasting, complete streets planning, and transportation data analysis. She has developed skills in geographic data analysis and mapping, demographic analysis, and visualization.


MUEP, Urban + Environmental Planning
University of Virginia

BS, Environmental Biology
Georgetown University