Jessica is passionate about the environmental impacts of transportation planning and enjoys exploring ways to bring sustainability into her work, hobbies, and lifestyle.

Jessica is a TDM Coordinator, born and raised the Washington, DC metropolitan area. She has worked in transportation planning community development with various organizations in Virginia and DC, including local government entities, non-profit groups, and a traffic engineering small business. Previously, Jessica has assisted on transportation planning projects across the region including a review of the Tyson’s Corner Comprehensive Plan update in 2017 (Virginia), Towson University Master Plan (Maryland), Parking Operations Review for Revenue Authority of Prince George’s County (Maryland), Pennsylvania Ave Small Area Plan (DC), and others.  

Her interest in planning began as a college student in the Architecture school, where she was able to hone skills in mapping, data visualization, and design. She is highly proficient in mapping and design software such as ArcGIS, Illustrator, and SketchUp. Jessica enjoys producing documents and collateral that can be used to inform and educate others on planning and the public realm, regardless of their level of subject knowledge.

Her aim is that through her work, she is able to use data visualization in transportation planning to improve the physical, mental, and social health of her community. Jessica is working towards a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning. 


BA, Urban and Environmental Planning
University of Virginia