Jack is inspired by transportation systems that bring order to chaotic urban environments and is passionate about leveraging the efficiency of transit to create a more productive, sustainable, and equitable world.

Jack McDowell (he/him) is a transportation planner and data scientist who focuses on analysis and visualization for a variety of data-intensive projects including transit service planning and monitoring, long-range regional transit planning, and applications of GTFS and ITS data. A lover of maps and an avid coder, he draws on his education as a transportation engineer to solve complex data problems and craft new approaches for every project. As a detail-oriented thinker, he values finding efficient processes to create work that is both intellectually and visually engaging. As a member of Foursquare ITP’s Transportation Data Science Team, Jack has worked on development of the GTFS to Existing Conditions and Transit Propensity tools.

His other key projects have included management of MDOT MTA’s BaltimoreLink performance monitoring database and support for the agency’s various service planning dashboards, as well as developing a data warehouse of high-resolution vehicle location data for WMATA Metrobus. He has created visualizations of travel demand patterns and transit level of service for projects such as the Central Maryland Regional Transit Plan and the Maryland Statewide Transit Plan. Outside of the DMV region, he has performed fixed-route and demand-response ridership forecasting for the Jacksonville Transportation Authority and Hampton Roads Transit. 


BE, Civil Engineering
Vanderbilt University