Hekkie believes in a planning and research process that is not only technically accurate but also engages community members and decision-makers in a meaningful way to help build trust and strengthen the community.

Hikmatullah (Hekkie) Jamili is a transportation planner with over three years of diverse experience and a graduate degree specializing in Transportation Planning. His previous work encompasses market analysis, service analysis, microtransit suitability analysis, GIS mapping, SWOT and STEEP analysis, research, and data mining. Dedicated to sustainable and equitable transportation projects, Hikmatullah has a proven track record of collaborating with local and regional communities. Noteworthy projects at Foursquare ITP include the Houston METRO Organizational Assessment, Indianapolis Local Route Transit Signal Priority, Butler County Short Range Study, and Centro On-Demand Service for Rome.


MSc, Urban and Regional Planning
The University of Iowa

BS, Civil Engineering
University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Taxila