Brenden Thompson

Brenden loves the concept of self-sustainability, which has driven him to acquire a diverse skill set. From growing his own herbs and vegetables to crafting his own dishware and utensils. His dedication extends further as he actively seeks out new opportunities to minimize his carbon footprint, all while shaping a life that revolves around the principles of self-sustainability.

Brenden Thompson (he/him), a junior TDM coordinator with Georgia Commute Options, is on a mission to revolutionize transportation sustainably in metropolitan Atlanta. His skill set encompasses project management, digital marketing, and direct marketing. Before joining Foursquare ITP, he optimized lead generation at a local real estate company near his college.

In Atlanta, Brenden strives to elevate community life. His goal is to inform and empower individuals with sustainable city navigation options. He is determined to make a difference by enabling residents and visitors to choose eco-friendly commuting methods. Brenden’s unwavering commitment highlights his dedication to urban sustainability. With his versatile background and innovative drive, he’s spearheading positive change in transportation and community well-being.


BFA, Drawing and Design
Old Dominion University