Foursquare ITP assisted in the development of the Southeastern Florida 2045 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) including a market analysis and development of a wide range of transit recommendations including commuter bus, BRT, and transfer facilities. The Southeast Florida Transportation Council, which facilitates transportation planning across three MPOs-Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach-sought to update its long range regional transportation plan to create a shared regional vision that identifies regional needs, funding, and policies. The role of the project team was to develop a data-driven and stakeholder informed plan to bring the region’s transportation plans out to 2045.

Foursquare ITP participated in the development of the revised and updated regional goals, objectives, and measures of effectiveness for the RTP and conducted a technical market analysis of the entire region to facilitate understanding and support of potential regional transit corridors beyond the existing and previously planned network.

We developed and implemented a data-driven assessment and screening of transit alternatives to serve regional needs and cross jurisdictional boundaries. The result was a plan for southeast Florida that included High Capacity Transit Network (three levels of BRT); a Commuter Bus Network; a High Frequency Local Bus Network; and Transit Transfer Facilities. All recommendations included station/stop spacing, peak/off-peak frequencies, service hours, and costs so that the planning document had sufficient detail for modeling and financial planning.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • BRT, Commuter Bus, and High Capacity Local Bus networks to help the southeast Florida region meet its mobility goals.