The Partnership for a Livable Roanoke Valley engaged stakeholders and over 1,300 citizens to develop eleven strategic initiatives for the regional economy, workforce, health, and natural environment. The Roanoke Valley Transit Vision Plan (RTVP), led by Foursquare ITP, grew out of this grassroots community effort. Our team engaged stakeholders and the public via a series of community workshops with interactive mapping and investment exercises, as well as online engagement and on-board surveys. Coupled with Census data and travel demand flows, this qualitative feedback informed our propensity analysis to evaluate regional transit needs. In collaboration with the plan’s steering committee, we developed short-, mid-, and long-term recommendations including new transit routes and multimodal transit transfer facilities.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Phased recommendations for strategic transit improvements to support regional goals including economic and workforce development.
  • A robust and interactive engagement process combined with a data-driven analysis resulted in an actionable plan with broad support.