Microtransit Pilot: Foursquare ITP aided the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) in developing the service concept for a new microtransit pilot service that would replace part of the existing LocalLink 75 (LL75). This area has a high transit potential for late-night transit, serving BWI airport, the BWI business district (with many distribution businesses), and the Maryland Live! casino. Our team evaluated current ridership trends on LL75 to determine potential microtransit zones and hours of service and explored two service scenarios and costs—ultimately selecting one for implementation—for a modified version of the existing fixed route LL75 to complement the microtransit service.

Microtransit Suitability: Foursquare ITP conducted an analysis to assist the MTA in determining additional places of high microtransit suitability within the core bus service network. This consisted of a bivariate analysis of transit potential (socioeconomic characteristics) and transit need (population and employment density). Microtransit suitability favored locations that were higher in transit need and lower in transit potential, indicating areas in transit-oriented communities that are unable to sustain fixed-route transit due to physical or geographic constraints. Proximal block groups of high suitability in the bivariate analysis were combined into several zones throughout the service area and further analyzed by four measures of success for microtransit suitability: intersection density; performance of existing fixed-route transit; land use; and density of trip attractors. The initial microtransit suitability study identified six zones for further analysis.

Microtransit Equity: Foursquare ITP also supported the MTA in determining how microtransit fits into their Title VI program and policies as they sought a third-party contractor to deliver the pilot. We conducted a broad review and interviews of peers and their Title VI polices and approaches to microtransit and developed a proposed approach to integrating microtransit into MTA’s major service change policies. Foursquare ITP also developed a methodology to conduct a service equity analysis under various conditions when a microtransit service may be deployed.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Microtransit service concept was developed and solicitations for operators were issued (later cancelled due to pandemic).
  • Six future microtransit zones identified.
  • Microtransit equity analysis methodology developed.