Foursquare ITP worked collaboratively with Via and the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to identify opportunities for microtransit service throughout UTA’s seven-county service area. The project was the second of a two-phase microtransit pilot program by UTA. In Phase 1, UTA sought to explore whether microtransit could complement or replace underperforming fixed-route transit services in southern Salt Lake County. Based on the success of the initial pilot project, Foursquare ITP, working with Via, conducted a follow-up microtransit planning study for the entire UTA service area. Our team led the market analysis to determine areas of the UTA service area that are best suited to support microtransit service. The analysis included an assessment of the overall transit potential in the region, by subarea zone, and a review of transit performance metrics of the existing fixed-route network. A total of 15 zones were identified as good candidates for the expansion of microtransit service throughout the UTA service area. These zones were then further analyzed by Via to determine the fleet size needed to meet UTA desired service quality and service characteristics.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Identified 15 zones as good candidates for microtransit service.