This study outlined gaps in Maryland’s transit network and develops a long-term vision for future transit investment. The state has one of the most utilized transit systems in the country, yet the transit network is highly fragmented by jurisdictions and the Maryland Department of Transportation saw the need for a plan that would create a more unified network statewide. The Maryland Statewide Transit Plan is a long-term vision for improving public transit in Maryland.

Foursquare ITP supported the study in a variety of ways. The team led an extensive data analysis effort to inventory existing conditions and identify key gaps in the transit network. The team assisted with stakeholder engagement, helping to facilitate meetings with stakeholders across the state. Finally, Foursquare ITP staff helped devise study recommendations, pinpointing a range of strategies for improving statewide transit service.

As a statewide project, the study encompassed 24 transit systems across Maryland. Foursquare ITP developed a data-driven process to understand existing conditions and transit needs. Our team compiled GTFS data for all transit providers in the state, creating GTFS files for operators without one. This GTFS database allowed the team to summarize existing service and run a series of queries on the span, frequency, and accessibility of transit in Maryland. The team worked closely with the Census Transportation Planning Package (CTPP) and Maryland Statewide Transportation Model to identify key travel flows. Foursquare ITP deployed its customized propensity model to identify areas of transit need in the state.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Identified current and emerging gaps in Maryland’s transit network.
  • Devised strategies that can be enacted at the state-level to address gaps.