Foursquare ITP is supporting the Maryland Department of Transportation’s bicycle and pedestrian planning initiatives. MDOT recently scored each road segment in the state based on the level of traffic stress experienced by bicyclists. This comprehensive dataset is stored in their linear referencing system, and while this platform contains a wealth of information it is challenging to interact with.

Foursquare ITP developed a routable bicycle network developed using One Maryland One Centerline, leveraging level of traffic stress scores to model each segment’s accessibility to bicyclists. The routable network combines low-stress bicycling routes shared-use trails to provide a comprehensive understanding of bicycling comfort throughout the state. An approachable web application allows users to browse accessibility scores and prioritization analyses throughout the state. The results of this work are being applied to the update of the Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Routable bicycle network based on level of traffic stress.
  • Accessibility analyses to identify gaps in the existing active transportation network.