Foursquare ITP assisted Capital Metro in business planning for its recently acquired MetroBike bike share program. In 2020 Capital Metro became a governing partner in Austin’s bike share program, resulting in Austin B-Cycle being rebranded as MetroBike. While the partnership resulted in Austin B-Cycle changing its name and taking on Capital Metro branding, Capital Metro had limited involvement in program management and operations. Foursquare ITP worked with Capital Metro to explore the feasibility of closer integration between the transit agency and the bike share program. Our team identified a range of program needs, future threats, and opportunities. The final plan outlined three alternatives for the future of MetroBike, including the financial and organizational impacts of each alternative on Capital Metro and the bike share program.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Identify needs and challenges associated with integrating micromobility and transit.
  • Created alternative strategies for how Capital Metro can be involved with MetroBike’s management.