As part of the design efforts to install Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along US-29 in Montgomery County, Maryland, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation has contracted Foursquare ITP with the responsibility of assessing and improving the Metro and Ride On services that operate to and through the BRT corridor. The service planning work will consist of the utilization of Foursquare ITP’s Transit Propensity Model, which highlights where likely populations of transit users exist and how they can best be served with transit options. Recommendations will be made on how to use the existing Metro and Ride On resources along the corridor in an effort to elimnate duplicative service, create better transit connections, and improve travel speeds, transit safety, and the passenger experience. Foursquare ITP will also be responsible for leading a multi-phased public outreach effort that will inform and interact with the public to ensure thtat critical comments are received on how to best provide needed transit improvements.