The historic Union Station in Washington, DC functions as a transportation hub for regional and national rail operators, local and commuter bus services, tour buses, private motor coach carriers, taxis, Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), TNCs, Capital Bikeshare, rental bicycles, and the of course the District of Columbia’s pedestrian and bicycle network. Foursquare ITP is part of a multi-disciplinary team planning and designing for the station’s renovation and redevelopment, where we are developing the plans for multimodal connections to the station. Foursquare ITP conducted a multimodal operations and capacity analysis as part of the Master Development Plan (MDP), documenting existing conditions on-site, including station area employment, usage statistics for all modes, and transfer data between modes. The conditions assessment we developed included existing level of service, ridership, and capacity data for each rail operator; passenger bus service, stops, and layover locations; and bicycle and pedestrian usage and needs. We are collaborating with the project team to develop alternative design concepts for the station, providing input regarding intermodal transfers, modal conflicts, and space required for modes. Next, we will develop planning and screening criteria to evaluate alternatives and analyze the existing capacity and projected needs for multimodal operations of the selected station design alternatives. The final, refined concept will both maximize ease of usage and minimize conflict of modes.