Foursquare ITP is assisting the Appalachian Regional Commission with the development of the transit service inventory and assessment for the 420 counties across the 13-states served by the Commission. The transit service inventory was developed through the use of two key tools. Our subcontractor CNT’s AllTransitTM platform, the largest source of transit connectivity, access, and frequency data in the United States, was used to jump start development of the comprehensive transit inventory and provide a framework for the development of a complete transit inventory. We also employed the use of our GTFS Analyzer tool, a software that quickly and seamlessly extracts, summarizes, and aggregates GTFS transit data, to summarize levels of service available in counties served by the ARC. We created a database of all demand response transportation providers serving the general public that includes key information about levels of service provided with information provided by state DOTs and further research. This data was presented in a maps and tables that visualized the levels of public transportation service (hours, days, trips) and the presence of service across Appalachia.