Foursquare ITP, working with the North Carolina Department of Transportation, led multiple aspects of their Public Transportation Statewide Strategic Plan. To begin the statewide planning effort, Foursquare ITP inventoried nearly 100 existing transit services throughout the. Foursquare ITP then developed a high-level gap analysis to understand what destinations are accessible by transit on a county-by-county basis.

The gap analysis was further enhanced by comparing existing transit against home-to-work travel flows, transit propensity, and public and stakeholder feedback to develop recommendations for improved transit across the state at both the local, regional, and inter-regional levels. Foursquare ITP also analyzed the existing statewide intercity transportation network in relation to commuter flows, hospitals, education and government centers, military bases, and large employers. Based on this analysis a network of corridors between urban centers that aligns closely with intercity travel patterns was developed. Additional potential for shorter distance service between rural/exurban areas and urban centers were also identified.

In support of the project objectives Foursquare ITP developed a broad, statewide public and stakeholder outreach strategy that includes fourteen community meetings across the state, a project website, crowd-sourced data collection of transit service preferences and priorities through Metroquest software, and committee meetings to guide the process and review the Strategic Plan and its recommendations.