Foursquare ITP is currently leading multiple aspects of the North Carolina Statewide Transit Plan. Foursquare ITP is leading the development of a public and stakeholder outreach strategy that includes seven community meetings across the state, a project website, a crowd sourcing approach using Metroquest, and committee meetings to guide the process. In addition Foursquare ITP is contacting every transit agency in the state as part of an effort to develop transit service profiles for 15 analysis districts that cover the state. In addition to the inventory of all existing transit service, including in frastructure, Foursquare ITP is developing a high level gap analysis to understand what destinations are accessible by transit on a county by county basis. This information will be overlaid with LEHD analysis, transit propensity, and public and stakeholder feedback to develop recommendations for improved transit across the state at three levels: local, regional, and inter-regionally. The project will conclude with a conference in the Spring of 2018 that will bring stakeholders from across the state together to build consensus and momentum towards additional transit funding to support the recommendations of the plan.