For two corridors in the Baltimore metropolitan area, Foursquare ITP is assisting MTA in evaluating various alternatives, including various alignments, modes, station spacing, and feeder services. The East-West Corridor study will provide conceptual design for a 15-mile East-West Corridor from the Highlandtown in east Baltimore to Ellicott City while the North-South Corridor study will provide conceptual design for a nine-mile North-South Corridor from the University of MD Medical Center (UMMC) in Downtown Baltimore to the Greater Towson Area. Both corridors were identified as part of the Central Maryland Regional Transit Plan (RTP) due to their regional significance and the need to meet current and future transit demand to facilitate access, economic growth, and connectivity in the region through investments in infrastructure, service, and technology. The project strives to transform an auto-oriented arterial into a true multi-modal corridor, presenting both technical and political challenges in this suburban locale.