Foursquare ITP assisted in the development of a network and program delivery plan of priority bus treatments along major corridors within Charlotte, NC. The Envision My Ride – Bus Priority Study, Phase 3 of the CATS network redesign, is a planning initiative focused on bus priority treatments that will create a bold vision for a holistic network of 19 bus corridors throughout Charlotte, NC. The bus priority study focuses on ways to increase reliability through bus treatments. Foursquare ITP assisted in the establishment of project goals, objectives, and evaluation criteria. We also played a key role in prioritizing corridors, including developing the initial assessment of the priority corridors, refining and evaluating priority corridors, and developing a highly visual, 3D-rendered bus stop typology guide and improvement plan, with associated cost estimates. Our team created a comprehensive guide to be used in assessing bus stops along the bus priority corridors for the appropriate amenities and bus stop balancing considerations to create a more efficient network. We also developed detailed rendering of the various proposed bus stop typologies for use not only along priority corridors but throughout the entire CATS system. Foursquare ITP’s detailed bus stop guidance and prioritization methodology will help set the stage for future upgrades at bus stop facilities and mobility hubs throughout the system.