The last eleven months working on the goDCgo program has been a combination of learning, developing, and putting plans into action. With an entirely new team onboard we had to hit the ground running to quickly understand the needs of the program, develop a working chemistry amongst the team, and begin strategizing on the best methods to reach the expectations of the scope. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with DDOT staff over the past year to ensure optimal program performance.

During the 2017-2018 program year, goDCgo has improved upon program performance and the level of impact on the DC community. Starting from the foundation of the program, our customer relationship management (CRM) database, we diligently cleaned up records and improved the CRM system for more accurate data extraction and reporting. This also advanced our outreach efforts which is a key component to our programs. We successfully launched two new programs, Residential and Hospitality Ambassadors, and delivered the 2nd Annual Employer Ambassador Awards Ceremony. It was a priority to adopt the process of our employer ambassador program across all audiences to enhance our ability to support the sustainability goals of our clients. Additionally, we have developed a great working relationship with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and the Department of Employment Services (DOES). In our partnership, we worked closely to deploy the DC Commuter Benefits Law survey and have assisted hundreds of employers seeking assistance with compliance. While this work has immediate benefits to our clients, our collaborative efforts contribute to the overall goal of lessening congestion, reducing air pollution, and improving the quality of life in the District.

goDCgo also serves as marketing arm that creates public facing materials and content promoting sustainable transportation options. Early on we identified the need for standards and guidelines to ensure the quality of goDCgo’s written and design deliverables. Our goal was to ensure that our work aligned with DDOT’s brand and tone. As a result, Foursquare ITP created a Quality Assurance and Quality Control Plan to meet DDOT’s requirements. The team’s flexibility and ability to quickly adapt to new processes have contributed to our success.

I am proud to lead a solid team of intelligent professionals that have produced exceptional results in our first year of operating the goDCgo program. Being the goDCgo Program Manager has been a rewarding experience, and I am excited to have the opportunity to continue this work. The goDCgo program has a lot of potential to grow and incorporate more innovative practices that are happening in the transportation demand management industry. We are gearing up for a busy and exciting year with an aim to over deliver and continue to make a positive impact.


  • Held 2nd Annual Employer Ambassador Awards Ceremony
  • Developed and implemented the Residential Ambassadors Program
  • Developed and implemented the Hospitality Ambassadors Program
  • Updated the 2018 DC Bike Map
  • Updated goDCgo Brand Guidelines
  • Held our first Bike Campaign with Capital Bikeshare, Spring Pedal Push
  • Updated the employer toolkit and developed a relocation checklist and plan
  • Improved the structure and reporting in our Customer Relationship Management database
  • Partnered with DOES to deploy the DC Commuter Benefits Law Survey