At the WTS-DC Annual Holiday Party on December 5, 2023, Foursquare ITP was awarded the 2023 Employer of the Year award. Women’s Transportation Seminar’s DC Chapter (WTS-DC) is an organization that honors area transportation professionals and organizations who have contributed to the transformation of the transportation industry and the advancement of women in it. As a woman-owned company led by previous WTS-DC Woman of the Year awardee, Lora Byala, we are honored to have been awarded this distinction. 

From left to right: Dorri Raposa, Finn Vigeland, Lora Byala, Kristen Anderson, Laura Duke, Lessie Henderson, Lisa Kay Schweyer, and Jessica Alvarez

The employer of the year award honors an organization for recruiting, retaining, and advancing women. Foursquare ITP’s Executive Leadership Team is 60 percent female, with our three female vice presidents all growing into those positions, initially starting at the company as transportation planners. More than half our staff overall, as well as in our most senior positions, are women or those who identify as non-binary. Additionally, women are leading more than half of the firm’s service areas, and this year, over half the staff attending or presenting at conferences were women. 

Foursquare ITP has a strong commitment to our employees’ professional development. Our extensive internal training program includes modules to enhance our team members’ skills, actively training staff at all levels in critical abilities both on hard and soft skills.  Foursquare ITP has a transparent policy for promotions to ensure all staff members—including women—can advance in the organization. 

Foursquare ITP has always focused on the advancement of women and other diverse employees within the company, providing many opportunities for growth and leadership. Being awarded with the Employer of the Year Award by WTS-DC is a real honor and testament to our success at advancing women in the industry.

President & CEO Lora Byala

Foursquare ITP is proud to have a long history of supporting WTS-DC and WTS International and its mission. Receiving this award gives us the energy to propel us into 2024 and we’re excited to continue being a leader in transportation and giving woman the ability to develop, grow, and advance in their career. Learn more about all we’re doing to transform the industry on our website.