Foursquare Integrated Transportation Planning, Inc. (Foursquare ITP) announces the appointment of new members and the expansion of responsibilities for its Executive Leadership Team (ELT). The new ELT is responsible for the company’s strategic growth, client satisfaction, employee development, and innovation. Says CEO Lora Byala, “Foursquare ITP, which has more than 50 employees and works in nearly 30 states, is investing in developing a robust corporate structure to support and sustain our rapid growth. In expanding the ELT, we are able to leverage our extremely talented in-house leaders to build our leadership team for moving forward.” 

Lora Byala remains as the President & CEO, Gary Byala as CFO, and David Miller as COO. The ELT welcomes four new Vice Presidents: Jessica Alvarez, Sandy Brennan, Alanna McKeeman, and Andrew Zalewski. Each member of the ELT also retains responsibilities related to technical project management and leadership of different service or functional areas within the company. 

Roles related to company leadership are: 

Lora Byala: As the Founder, President, and CEO of Foursquare ITP, Lora leads the company’s growth and oversees its strategic direction and operations. She also retains day-to-day oversight roles in business development, marketing, and innovation. 

Gary Byala: Gary has been at Foursquare ITP since its inception 16 years ago. He serves as the Chief Financial Officer, responsible for company financial strategy and management, invoicing, payroll, and audits. 

David Miller: David is Foursquare ITP’s Chief Operating Officer and has been with the company for 11 years. He is responsible for long-term capacity planning, hiring, and business development. 

Jessica Alvarez: Jessica has worked at Foursquare ITP for eight years and, as a new Vice President, is responsible for project oversight, short-term capacity planning, and technology and innovation.  

Sandy Brennan: Sandy has worked at Foursquare ITP for eight years and, as a new Vice President, is responsible for staff development and training. 

Alanna McKeeman: Alanna has been with Foursquare ITP for five years and, as a new Vice President, serves as a resource and manager to our group leads and leads staff advancement.  

Andrew Zalewski: Andy joined Foursquare ITP 10 years ago and, as a new Vice President, is responsible for client experience and strategic planning.