At its May 28th meeting, the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads awarded Foursquare ITP its General Planning Consulting (GPC) contract. The contract is for two base years and one additional option year and is valued at up to $1.6 million. Through the GPC, Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) will rely on the Foursquare ITP team to help the agency in numerous areas, including: developing its ten-year Capital Improvement Plan, conducting bus Automatic Passenger Counter (APC) validation, microtransit planning, ridership and operational forecasting, and updating the agency’s ten-year Transit Strategic Plan, which Foursquare ITP is currently helping HRT to complete. Foursquare ITP has been providing services to HRT since 2011 as a subcontractor, and is extremely excited to serve the agency in a prime contractor capacity. “When we started working with HRT in 2011, Foursquare ITP had two employees, including myself,” says President & CEO Lora Byala. “We are now a full-service transportation planning company with more than 40 planners, GIS experts, and transportation data scientists that are positioned to provide great value and expertise to HRT. We are honored to be chosen to continue our work with our partners at HRT.” Foursquare ITP has partnered with Kimley-Horn, CSched, RideCo, and OnPoint Communications to provide HRT with the full suite of services that may be needed under the GPC.