Choosing the most productive Transportation Demand Management measures to implement or to incorporate into the development review process can be done more effectively when incorporating an understanding of the effectiveness of individual measures into a systematic framework for selecting TDM measures. Foursquare ITP has utilized our extensive TDM experience to develop custom solutions for clients seeking to create evidence-based models that determine the specific type, number, and combination of TDM measures to use in individual development contexts.

TDM Toolbox

Foursquare ITP uses an Excel-based model that facilitates the assignment of TDM requirements to individual developments based on a customizable set of characteristics of, including anticipated trip generation, parking, and nearby roadway levels of service. The master menu of TDM measures uses multiple sources to develop the level of effectiveness of each measure, which can be incorporated into the TDM Toolbox framework as desired. The model is also adaptable to various approaches to assigning TDM measure requirements, including a points-based model or requirements by type of measures.

Example Application: Foursquare ITP created a TDM menu for the District Department of Transportation that eases the selection of appropriate TDM measures.