Model the analytical components of a zero-emission transition for transit bus fleets with Foursquare ITP’s Battery Electric Bus Estimator, Transform.

With just a few inputs, Transform can estimate future fleet needs, changes in emissions and energy use, and associated changes in operational characteristics to support your green transition.

Transform only needs a GTFS feed with block IDs and block-to-garage assignments to start. It comes preset with vehicle model information from popular manufacturers. Users can specify their current and future energy mix or use the provided state average. Unlike other zero-emission vehicle tools, Transform will reblock your services based on charging needs and battery capacities—increasing the efficiency of your operations. Other features include:

  • Account for impact of different climate and terrain conditions on energy consumption.
  • Estimate fleet needs based on reblocking.
  • Estimate changes in non-revenue hours and miles after reblocking.
  • Estimate charging costs and fossil fuel cost savings.
  • Estimate upstream and tailpipe emissions impacts.

Transform: Battery Electric Bus Estimator is available for standalone purchase. To learn more about Transform and get a subscription quote, contact Russell Pildes at

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