When public transit customers use a navigation app like Google Maps, they rely on an accurate and up-to-date general transit feed specification (GTFS) feed. Foursquare ITP’s Schedule & GTFS QA/QC helps agencies ensure that their customers are getting the right directions by providing staff with tools to check the quality and accuracy of GTFS feeds. The web app interface allows agency staff to upload a GTFS feed and compare it to a previous GTFS feed to detect any inadvertent changes to service levels or stop locations. For instance, following a service change, an agency may have inadvertently dropped a stop from a pattern in its GTFS feed, causing navigation apps to provide riders with more inconvenient directions. By comparing a feed about to be published to the agency’s previous GTFS feed, such errors can be detected and prevented. In this way, Foursquare ITP’s Schedule & GTFS QA/QC Tool goes far beyond other validators of GTFS feeds. The tool also provides downloadable reports on feed changes, numerous validation checks, and supplemental visualizations to assist agencies with checking for errors.