Your agency’s General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) helps customers navigate your system on Google Maps or other tools. Foursquare ITP’s GTFS Generator can build your agency’s feed from scratch based on your input route and stop GIS data and schedules.

These feeds are for more than just trip planners. Agencies can also use GTFS feeds generated with the tool for an array of planning tasks and analyses, including comparative before-and-after trip planners, accessibility analyses, and Title VI service equity analyses.

Example Application: During the BaltimoreLink transit network redesign, Foursquare ITP created an entirely new GTFS feed for the proposed system. This feed was used for comparative analyses, generation of unique bus stop signage, and an online comparative trip planner application. This trip planner was deployed during public outreach to allow the public to easily understand how their trip would change in the new system.