The Bus Stop Inventory Manager uses a database structure integrated with ArcGIS geographic mapping. It is used to track bus stop inventories, assets, and amenities during transition periods or for large scale data collection efforts. We have integrated our Bus Stop Inventory Tool with the GTFS Generator, creating a seamless way to ensure transit agency’s assets are tracked and updated throughout major service changes or during large scale inventory update efforts.

Example Application: During the BaltimoreLink implementation phase, Foursquare ITP’s Bus Stop Inventory Tool helped track ever-changing attribute data for the MTA bus stop inventory, a system with more than 6,000 bus stops. Concurrent efforts included bus stop optimization and consolidation as well as a subsequent signage overhaul. The tool integrated updates from field surveys across multiple teams of contractors working on the project and included various forms, reports, and outputs to streamline complex data processes and ensure that new signage and amenities were correctly deployed in the field.