Look for overcapacity stops and plan for bus bay needs with Foursquare ITP’s Bus Stop Capacity Planner. This tool pulls service level data from GTFS or manual inputs along with your agency’s layover requirements to calculate bus bay and bus stop capacity utilization. It is also used to calculate the number of bus bays or bus stops needed at new transit hubs.

Example Application: Foursquare ITP used this tool to evaluate Mark Center Station in Alexandria, Virginia and calculate the number of future bus bays needed to accommodate planned BRT services. This ensured that the transit center will be designed and funded to accommodate the anticipated service.

We also used this tool to help evaluate bus stop capacity needs for the MTA core bus network. Results of bus stop utilization informed the stop right-sizing project, which identified stops that needed expanded curbspace based on bus stop design guidelines and the results from the capacity analyzer. MTA then determined whether to relocate stops so they have adequate curb space or to remove parking.