Foursquare ITP is a leader in the bike share financial and ridership forecasting. Through our years of experience with bike share, we have used data from a variety of systems to create financial and ridership forecasting tools that can be customized to the specific conditions of a particular bike share program. Our calculator is designed to be user friendly, and we work with our clients to create a tool that they can continue to use to estimate future costs across their system.

Example Applications: Foursquare ITP was responsible for the initial financial and ridership projections for the Philadelphia Bikeshare Program. Our work in estimating program costs and ridership allowed Philadelphia to move forward with establishing the Indego bike share program. We provided the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) with its first long-range financial plan for Capital Bikeshare, helping the agency to define its long-term fundraising goals. The plan was instrumental in the agency obtaining dedicated funds from the city general fund for new bike share equipment and operating expenses.