Jerri’s passion for public transportation began during their three-month language immersion program in Beijing, China when they first learned to use Beijing Metro on their own to explore the city. They were amazed by how efficient and accessible this mode of transportation was within the city and leaving the city as well.

Jerri Norman (they/them) is a junior transportation planner who is passionate about transit equity and accessibility, walkable cities, and community outreach. They have experience with synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data and graphic design related to community outreach and stakeholder interaction. Prior to Foursquare ITP, Jerri defended their Honors Thesis in Civil Engineering on how COVID-19 impacted essential workers through public transportation and public policy in the top ten cities in the US with the most transit travel during March-June 2020. At Foursquare ITP, they are excited to explore many of the practice areas and become more experienced in transportation projects.


BS, Civil Engineering
Lafayette College

BA, Chinese Language and Culture
Lafayette College