Senior Transportation Planner


  Years of Experience: 9

  Years at Foursquare ITP: 3

Reinaldo Germano is a transportation planner with a great deal of experience in the field of bus priority planning. Prior to joining Foursquare ITP, he conducted studies and on-the-ground support for cities throughout Brazil looking to improve multimodal transportation. He has developed studies on regulatory structures for bus operation, station area accessibility, and build-out of multimodal corridors. He was able to master the intricacies of promoting change in local government and applying his data analysis skills to support better decision-making. He also has experience overseeing large, collaborative data research initiatives, having managed the updating process of the largest online platform of global bus priority systems data.

With background in urban planning, Reinaldo has always been interested in how the urban form impacts social-spatial dynamics and the way people move around cities. Being a native of the modernist, planned city of Brasilia, Brazil played an important role in the development of his interest in urban design. After moving from his car-centric hometown, public transportation became not only something that he uses everyday, but also a passion in terms of his work.


M.R.U.P., Regional and Urban Planning
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

B.Arch., Architecture
University of Brasilia, Brazil